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Savor the sovereign taste of the premium chef-made laddoos retracing their way back to the shrines of Indian authenticity.

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No queues no waits! The chef is spruced up to add her magical touch to your favorite picks!

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The Noble Taste

Laddooh has a collection of classic hand-rolled sweets customized out of the invented recipes that deserves your meetha cravings.

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Laddooh is not a random invention but glides into sweet steps of innovation twinned with instincts. Sugandha Saxena, the captain of the sweet ship has led the idea of making laddoos from her mindful recipes carved out of Indian essence and cultural fondness.

The laddoos are made on your special requests from several natural sugar fusions, along with Indian imperative ingredients that are vegan, running on the wheels of both sumptuous taste and wellness.

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Chef Sugandha Sarena

How We Started

Laddooh has a traditionally sewed story that holds its relevance in the roots of Indian culture. We had always been attached to the concept of holistic and spiritual methods of lifestyle giving rise to the that has its historical imperatives interwined with Indian authenticity.

Apart from being a dedicated chef, Sugandha Saxena followed her code of honor to envision the laddooh recipes herself and successfully transformed the conscience into the bonafide accomplishments.

Chef Sugandha Saxena

Theres more to this than What Meets the Mouth

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Haldi Ceremony
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laddooh Handcrafted India Desserts


Laddoo by Sugandha Sarena

Endorsements by :

Raja Manvendra Singh Gohil

Raja Manvendra Singh Gohil

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Pista Cashew
Pista Lauj

Not a conventional laddooh, for sure, but try them once and they’ll be your new favourite flavour of laddoohs.

Haldi Nimboo
Haldi Nimboo

Nutritional Laddooh to make you feel less guilty about splurging on sweets!

Petha Laddooh
Petha Laddoo

Who can say no to delicious Petha in laddooh form?

Red Velvet
Red Velvet

Indulge yourself in the richness of this heavenly red velvet delight.

Gulab Pankhuri
Gulab Patti

Let exotic Gulab Pankhuri Laddooh heighten your senses and soothe your soul!

pista cashew laddoo for gifting
Dry Fruit Laddoo

Experience the richness of our Dry Fruit Laddooh, a perfect blend of pure dry fruits.