Sona Chaandi Halwa

Sona Chaandi Halwa is a rich preparation which consists of wholesome and nutritious ingredients. This delicious halwa is prepared using Chana Dal, which is cooked in Milk and Saffron till it becomes dense and smooth in its consistency. It is then topped with 100% Pure Silver Leaf to give it its trademark Sona Chaandi appearance.

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Pista Halwa

This exceptional halwa is made using the Best Quality Pistachios, which are slow cooked to a halwa-like consistency. Once it is cooked, it is then topped with Pure Silver Leaf to give it that added charm and flavour. The distinct taste of the Pista Halwa will leave you lip-smacking and wanting more and more.

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Multigrain Jaggery Halwa

The Multigrain Jaggery Halwa is a hot seller at Laddooh. Made using very specific techniques, this halwa consists of 9 Different Grains, each of which adds to the halwa’s total nutritional value. The cooked grains are then sweetened with Organic Jaggery and topped with Pure Silver Leaf.

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