5 Best Reasons Why Indian Weddings are More Entertaining Than Other Weddings

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20 April, 2022

Indian weddings are known for being big, extravagant, loud and lively. While comparing weddings between Indian and western culture wouldn’t be appropriate because every wedding ceremony is beautiful in its own way, we can’t help but admire how thoughtful Indian wedding ceremonies are! The attention to detail is simply admirable at Indian weddings - where everyone feels welcome, laughter, music and non-stop dancing are the norm, and the food is fantabulous, of course! 

Those of us who have been to Indian wedding celebrations know that when there’s a wedding coming up, you need to start preparing for it months in advance. There’s got to be the right outfits, wedding gifts, sweets, and more. After a lot of planning and preparation, when the time finally comes for the wedding ceremonies to take place, what you experience is a few days of absolute joy, and fun. 

There are many reasons why we consider Indian weddings better than other weddings. And in this blog, we’ll share our top reasons that prove that Indian weddings are indeed more entertaining than other weddings.

Top Reasons Why Indian Weddings Are More Entertaining

Here are some unique features about Indian weddings that make the celebrations unlike anything else: 

Multiple Ceremonies
Indian weddings are not a single-day affair. The preparations for the weddings take months. And the wedding ceremonies in a typical Indian wedding are multiple. There’s the Engagement ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Haldi, Mehendi, and the Wedding ceremony. And the amazing part is that each of these ceremonies are planned and carried out with the same level of elegance. If you attend all the ceremonies, you will need separate outfits for each ceremony. And trust us, getting ready for all the fun and chaos at the ceremonies will be so worth it!


A Treat to the Senses
There’s a lot to treat your senses - music, vivid colours and patterns, the smell of fresh flowers, delicious food, and whatnot. With so much going on, Indian weddings are for sure, extremely visually pleasing. You will find stunning decor, floral arrangements, colourful drapes, chandeliers, and much more at Indian weddings. And of course, how can we forget the stunning attire of people! At Indian weddings, you will find everybody dressed up in traditional Indian attire, giving their best to look their best. 

Lively Ambience
The general ambience is lively and happy at Indian weddings. In India, weddings are not to be celebrated only as the union of a bride and groom but also as a celebration of the union of two families. There’s a lot of chatter, lots of teasing, lots of games and lots of fun. You will definitely find the relatives and friends of the bride and groom dancing to peppy Bollywood songs, and celebrating the occasion. 

Scrumptious Food
One distinct thing about Indian weddings is the flavourful food! You will get hearty meals at Indian weddings. You will also get traditional Indian snacks like chaat, pani puri, dahi bhalle, and more. The food menu at Indian weddings is generally an amalgamation of snacks, appetizers, drinks, main course, and the most loved thing - Indian wedding desserts! Sweets are something that just has to be there at every ceremony. At Laddooh, you will find a wedding special menu, which consists of Haldi Nimbu laddoo, Pure Pista laddoo, Walnut laddoo, our special 24K Gold-Dusted Red Velvet laddoo, and our bestselling classic Besan laddo. 

Post-Wedding Celebrations
As if all this celebration is not enough, in India, you will find families still celebrating after the wedding is done with! Post-wedding receptions are quite common in Indian wedding celebrations. And guess what? People dress up, turn up, and enjoy the food, sweets, music, and dancing all over again at wedding receptions. 

An Delightful Affair To Remember 
Indian weddings are a delightful affair that you will remember for the rest of your life! You make so many memories and indulge in so many fun rituals at the wedding. And let’s not forget about the best part - the variety of sweets at the celebrations! You will find laddoos, halwas, kheers, and more. If you have a wedding coming up, or are looking for luxury sweets for wedding gift, make sure you get your sweets from Laddooh - where sweets are handcrafted with absolute excellence.

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