5 Delicious Laddoos that will Give You a Nutritional Boost this Winter

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28 December, 2021

Have you got a sweet tooth that leads you to binge on unhealthy things? You’re not alone. With the onset of winter, my sugar cravings have already skyrocketed and I spend a good number of hours a day chewing on devilishly good sweet treats. But as they say, binge-worthy things don’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. I’ve been trying to make a healthy switch to eat more nutritionally rich snacks than junk. And I have figured out just the right sweet and fun recipes for the winter. 

Simple dishes with high nutritional values can help make your health better. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, these 5 laddoos will keep your hunger pangs satisfied while adding goodness to your health – 

Top 5 Nutritional Laddoos to Try this Winter  

Besan laddoo

If you want to keep things light and simple, besan laddoo packed with dry fruits can give you a good nutritional boost. While it is not so nutritious on its own, when added with dry fruits, and pure ghee, besan laddoos can be a great energy-boosting snack. With a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture, Besan laddoos are perfect to binge on whenever you get those sugar cravings. Roasted dry fruits like almonds and cashews go great with the besan. You can get handcrafted Besan laddoos from Laddooh that are made using only the finest ingredients, and the ingredients of which can be altered to the dietary preferences of more health-conscious consumers.


Gond ke laddoo

Gond is a traditional Indian ingredient holding healing and nutritional benefits. It is used to make laddoos exclusive during winters because it is a heavy and warm ingredient. Gond laddoos are made with rough chunks of gond, dry fruits, and nuts, bound together with ghee. These laddoos make for a great warm winter snack. You should definitely get these made by your nani-dadi. The taste of these laddoos, when made with love hits different. 

Panjiri ke laddoo

Panjiri is an exclusive winter preparation that involves the ingredients wheat flour, semolina, coconut, makhana, lots of ghee, dry fruits like kaju, badam, pista, and other nuts. Panjiri is usually eaten as a mixture but you can make laddoos out of them and store them for weeks. Ghee helps to keep the mixture in place and binds it nicely so that it is solid yet soft on the inside. 

Haldi-Nimbu laddoo

Haldi-Nimbu laddoo from the brand Laddooh contains ingredients with antioxidant properties that are just right for the winters. This laddoo might seem a bit too quirky at first but the taste and the nutritional power it gives is to die for. This laddoo is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that give you the power to fight back diseases; not to mention the warming effects it has on the body.

Nolen Gur laddoo

Nolen Gur is an ingredient that is primarily associated only with the Bengali sweet, Sandesh. However, Laddooh serves Nolen Gur in laddoo form! The smooth, soft texture and delicious taste of this laddoo are worth drooling for. The ingredients of this laddoo hold digestive properties and make it the perfect post-meal snack. This laddoo is as delicious as it is healthy. At Laddooh, you can get Nolen Gur laddoos made with vegan, gluten-free ingredients, to make them even healthier. If required, they can also be prepared using natural sugar substitutes like Desi Khaand, maple syrup, etc. 

Laddoos are known to be the type of snacks that can be eaten on the go in Indian households. This sweet dish is especially hand-cooked during winters with a topping of lots of roasted dry fruits to keep the gut full with warmth and nutrition. When consumed in moderate quantity, laddoos can be really beneficial for the health. With the handcrafted laddoos from Laddooh, you’ll be eating nutrition-packed, hygienically prepared sweet treats that will keep you healthy, full, strong, and ready for the winters.

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