Best Unconventional Luxury Indian Sweets for this Festive Season

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22 February, 2022

This festive season, devour luxury in the form bite-sized sweets from Laddooh - a chef-owned exclusive sweets brand in New Delhi. 

If you are someone who likes to indulge in all things luxury, you needn’t look out for the most expensive sweet in Delhi, you can just check out Laddooh’s wide range of premium sweets suited for all celebratory occasions. The delicacies at Laddooh are all handcrafted, and made using assorted ingredients, that each add to the texture and taste of the sweet. Their menu consists of simple traditional Indian sweets but with unconventional flavours. 

Laddooh caters primarily to the big wedding sector, and hospitality sector in and outside India and its scrumptious recipes are loved by their customers. They have an entire wedding-themed laddoo range that is a hit, and have other delicious kheer, and halwa recipes too. 

The Best Luxury Indian Sweets You Should Try

Here are some of the best luxury sweets from the brand, Laddooh, that you should definitely try - 

Red Velvet Laddoo

The Red Velvet laddoo is an extravagant sweet, the sort of which you rarely get to see. This little bite-sized laddoo is an experience in itself. Take a bite and you will feel a burst of flavours in your mouth. The laddoo comes topped with authentic 24K, and makes it appear as lavish as it tastes.  

Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo

The Gulab Pankhuri laddoo is an elegant and delicious laddoo. Its simplicity in look balances its overwhelmingly refreshing taste and aroma. It is a ball of goodness, rolled with love by our chef. The laddoo has the aroma of the rose, and has a delicate texture, as if of a rose petal.


Gajar Halwa Laddoo

The Gajar Halwa laddoo is a handcrafted recipe that involves a crumbly texture, similar to that of the Gajar Halwa. It comes with a piece of mawa and edible silver leaf on top. The laddoo is rich red in color and looks every bit luxurious. You don’t have to settle for premium besan laddoo for gifting when you have such experimental recipes as this Gajar Halwa laddoo available at Laddooh. 

Gulkand Kheer

The Gulkand Kheer from Laddooh is a special preparation of the traditional Indian recipe of kheer. It is made with Gulkand, and is topped with loads of nuts, and other wholesome ingredients. The kheer is bright pink in color and its exquisiteness gives it a premium feel 

Mix Berries Laddoo

The Mix Berries laddoo has a fruity taste from all the assorted berries, and other ingredients in it. This recipe is completely vegan and gluten-free. You will love the texture of this laddoo and the taste that follows it. It is very refreshing and is certainly a one-of-its-kind delicacy. 

Pista Cashew Laddoo

The Pista Cashew laddoo is one of our most loved recipes. It is made with the amazing dry fruits, pistachios, and cashews, which also give it a great texture. The ingredients of this laddoo have nutritional value. It is the perfect sweet treat to binge on. 

Tapioca Kheer

Unlike any other kheer recipe, this Tapioca Kheer is made with tapioca pearls, instead of rice during preparation. It has a distinct texture that feels amazing on the tongue. The tapioca pearls, coated and cooked perfectly, leave your soul amazed and satisfied. It comes with blueberries and some dried fruits, to give more wholesomeness. 

Treat Yourself With Luxury

With Laddooh, sort your premium sweets online Delhi needs without bothering about the taste, quality, and hygiene. Every recipe is handcrafted with love at Laddooh, packed in beautiful boxes, and delivered safe to your doorstep in a hygienic manner.

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