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18 February, 2022

The history of gifting sweets on special occasions goes back to centuries ago. In India, people cannot imagine events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. without some or other type of celebration without sharing something sweet. 

Even when you have the best wishes in your heart, choosing the best premium mithai to convey the same is always difficult. Laddooh is a homegrown, chef-owned brand, run by Chef-Entrepreneur, Sugandha Saxena, that has some unique sweets recipes that are just perfect to eat and share with your near and dear ones on special occasions. 

For Weddings 

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event which means a lot, especially in Indian culture. To convey your blessings, happiness, and good wishes to the to-be-wedded couple, or to show your appreciation to the guests who partake in the wedding celebrations, a box of sweets is generally handed over. If you are looking for premium sweets for wedding in Delhi, Laddooh has the most premium wedding-themed laddoos that are just perfect for big fat Indian weddings. Here are some of the items from Laddooh’s menu -

Red Velvet Laddoo

This is just the right sweet for gifting at a grand event like a wedding. This Red Velvet laddoo is made with the finest of ingredients that make its texture all crumbly and nice, similar to a red velvet cake. The speciality of this laddoo is that it comes 24K gold-topped. It melts in the mouth, and leaves a distinct, delicious taste behind. It is certainly one of those delicacies that you should try once in your lives. 

Pista Cashew Laddoo

The Pista Cashew laddoo is a sweet delight made with the goodness of the finest-quality cashews and pistachios. Since it is a nice green color, it looks great sitting on dessert thaalis for the Mehendi ceremony. When you take a bite of this laddoo, you will get a taste of the bits and pieces of dry fruits added in it to give it both taste and texture. 

Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo

The Gulab Pankhuri laddoo smells and tastes amazing. It represents the delicacy of the rose in its taste, aroma, and look. The laddoo, based on its look, and aroma, is best suited for the Sangeet Ceremony. It has a very delicate texture that dissolves readily into the mouth, and leaves the palate refreshed with its rich goodness. 

Haldi Nimbu Laddoo

The Haldi Nimbu laddoo is a quirky recipe that will certainly make you smack your lips with its scrumptious taste. The ingredients of this laddoo carry antioxidant properties. So, it is not only good in taste but also in its nutritional value. Get these laddoos to treat your guests at the Haldi Ceremony. 

Besan Laddoo

How can we talk about laddoos and not include the OG, Besan laddoo, right? Besan laddoos are the bestsellers at Laddooh, and are handcrafted with love and the best of ingredients. At Laddooh, Besan laddoos can be customised to include sugar substitutes instead of sugar, like desi khaand, maple syrup, jaggery, etc.


For Corporates 

Less is more when you’re gifting at corporate events. But that isn’t a reason to keep your corporate celebrations boring. Laddooh has the best sweets for corporate gifting. Try these quirky, yet simple sweets from Laddooh -

Petha Laddoo

Who ever thought that Petha laddoo could be a thing? This laddoo is made with special seasonal melons and will certainly remind you of the traditional Indian delicacy called “petha”. It has a distinct texture and emanates a sweet aroma. This is the perfect, simple and sweet gift for corporate gifting. 

Mix Berries Laddoo

The ingredients of this laddoo are an amalgamation of assorted berries, and other vegan and gluten-free ingredients. This laddoo is also nutritional as it is tasty, and is a recipe unconventional enough to make you curious about its taste. And once you taste it, you’re going to love it!

Nolen Gur Laddoo

This laddoo is made with an ingredient which is definitely not a conventional choice for making a laddoo - Nolen Gur. Nolen Gur is basically jaggery made from date palm trees in West Bengal. Nolen Gur laddoos are extremely soft-textured, and have an unforgettable taste. 

Gajar Halwa Laddoo

If you want to give a sweet that people remember, it has got to be the Gajar Halwa laddoo from Laddooh. It comes with silver leaf work, mawa, and crushed pistachios on top. This laddoo looks and tastes absolutely irresistible. 


Get the best quality premium mithai from Laddooh for events like weddings and corporate events, and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your guests would like your token of appreciation. Made with the highest quality ingredients, the sweets from Laddooh will keep the taste buds of your guests satisfied.

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