Giving Traditional Indian Wedding Dessert an Experimental Makeover

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28 January, 2022

Laddooh is a Delhi-based premium sweets brand, known for offering the choicest Indian wedding dessert. Their recipes are handcrafted by their passionate chef. Being a chef-owned brand, a remarkable emphasis on the quality of the ingredients used in the making of the sweets is ensured. 

Their dessert menu includes laddoos especially crafted keeping the traditional Indian wedding ceremonies in mind. Laddooh caters to the luxury wedding sector and provides sweets with authentic Indian festive flavours. 

Here is what their wedding menu of perfectly themed laddoos looks like:

Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo for the Sangeet Ceremony

The sensational aroma and bright pink color of this laddoo will set the mood right for your Sangeet ceremony. Crafted keeping in mind the essence of the rose, our Gulab Pankhuri laddoo offers distinct taste, delicate texture, and an aroma that freshens you up. Made with assorted ingredients, our Gulab Pankhuri laddoo is every bit exquisite as they appear. 

Haldi Nimbu Laddoo for the Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Nimbu laddoos are among our quirkiest recipes. The choice of ingredients might at first seem appalling to some but take a bite of this laddoo, and you’ll reconsider your preferences. This laddoo is not only delicious but is also packed with the goodness of the antioxidant properties of its ingredients. With a crumbly texture and a refreshing taste, this laddoo impresses the consumer effortlessly. It is bright yellow in color and will look just perfect sitting on platters on the day of your Haldi ceremony


Pista Cashew Laddoo for the Mehendi Ceremony

This laddoo is made with the two dry fruits that are used extensively in the preparation of Indian sweets - pistachios and cashew. This laddoo is green in color and is perfect for the Mehendi night ceremony. The laddoo has an enjoyable texture because of the variety of nuts present in it. It also tastes heavenly good, and has a distinct aroma to it!

Red Velvet Laddoo for the Shaadi ki Raat 

Your plate of sweets must be as extravagant as your Shaadi ki Raat. Laddooh presents the amazing, 24K gold-topped Red Velvet laddoo with a melt-in-the-mouth texture, and a taste like no other dessert. This experimental recipe is a mix between the much-loved Red Velvet cake, and traditional Indian laddoos, crafted by our expert laddoo dessert chef in India. The deep red color with a touch of gold on top makes it look rich, royal, and worth devouring. 

Set A Diverse Dessert Platter for the Dawat-E-Khaas

Laddooh has a range of other diverse recipes that will add to the charm of your dessert menu at your Dawat-E-Khaas. Choose from our Petha laddoo, Gajar ka Halwa laddoo, Nolen Gur laddoo, Mix Berries laddoo, and the ever-classic (and our bestseller), Besan laddoo. Each of these recipes has been handcrafted by our chef to make them the perfect go-to snack for every time you get a sweet craving. And you’ll obviously want to give your guests a little something to take home except for sweet memories. For that, our menu makes for the perfect Indian desserts for return gifts for your guests!

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