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22 March, 2022

Got a sweet craving? Relax. You don’t have to go out searching for local sweet stores to get your desserts. You can order the best handcrafted Indian desserts from the comfort of your home. Thanks to today’s digital world, you can conveniently browse through and order the best of traditional Indian desserts online. 

One such brand that sells delicious Indian desserts online is Laddooh. It has got a menu that reflects the true essence of traditional flavours, and also some quirky flavours that you would not find elsewhere. 

When you taste the sweets from Laddooh, you will start reminiscing about the time when your grandmother used to make traditional dessert recipes on special occasions. How can we forget the excitement that came with trying out delicious handmade desserts, made with so much love? The same love and wholesome ingredients are put into the handcrafted desserts at Laddooh. This brand is all about selling premium quality sweets to customers who love traditional Indian flavours.  

Why Buy Sweets Online from Laddooh?

Laddooh is not your regular sweets seller. It is a chef-owned brand that exclusively sells select desserts like laddoos, kheers, and halwas. This brand stands out because it sells exceptional desserts made with assorted ingredients. They deliver their handcrafted sweets straight to your doorstep, packed neatly, while taking utmost care of hygiene standards. Their excellence lies in their commitment to authenticity and a deep fondness for the culture from which they originate. Their menu reflects these qualities, and no wonder, their products are much loved by their customers! 

Personalised Recipes 

At Laddooh, you will never feel excluded, no matter what your dietary preference is. Their recipes can be personalised at the request of the customer. Some of their recipes are entirely made of vegan and gluten-free ingredients. They can also use sugar alternatives like maple syrup, jaggery, desi khaand, etc, instead of regular sugar to make the recipe more healthy. 


Events & More
Laddooh associates with its customers as family, not just as a business. Laddooh cares about the special experiences of its customers and tries to contribute to it with its unique, unforgettable recipes. They have an entire range of laddoos especially crafted keeping the typical Indian wedding themes in mind. This range of wedding-exclusive laddoos include:

●    Gulab Pankhuri laddoo for the Sangeet ceremony
●    Haldi Nimbu laddoo for the Haldi ceremony
●    Pista Cashew laddoo for the Mehendi ceremony
●    24K gold-topped Red Velvet laddoo for the Grand Wedding ceremony

The best part is that you can order these premium sweets online and get them home-delivered!

Handcrafted Recipes

At Laddooh, you will find a range of authentic Indian sweets, marked with a distinct twist of unique flavours. Some of their top recipes include - 


Besan Laddoo
The classic Besan laddoo is a bestseller at Laddooh. Besan laddoo is the first-preference of the buyers at Laddooh. This much-loved dessert is prepared to perfection using the top quality ingredients like gram flour, ghee, and sugar or sugar alternatives such as jaggery, desi khaand, or maple syrup. One bite of this delicious laddoo and you will be hit by the sweet, distant memories of your childhood when you used to eat this laddoo on special occasions. 

Petha Laddoo 
We know that this is not a conventional flavour for a laddoo. But Petha is something that rings the bells of nostalgia in every Indian. This laddoo incorporates the original petha flavour brilliantly. Made with ingredients like pure mawa and the choicest dry fruits, the Petha laddoo is a unique flavour that you should definitely try.   

Red Velvet Laddoo
This is probably the fanciest laddoo you will ever see. This Red Velvet laddoo is every bit extraordinary. It comes topped with 24K gold dust and has the classic crumbly texture resembling the red velvet cake. It truly feels like heaven in your mouth when you taste it. 

Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo 
As delicate as it appears, the Gulab Pankhuri laddoo will leave you with a burst of flavours in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. It has an extremely smooth texture and a rich pink taste. It is one of the finest recipes at Laddooh. Try it and you would end up just bingeing on it!

Nolen Gur Laddoo 
This is another unconventional flavour which will remind you of the infamous dessert, Sandesh sweet, Bengal. This laddoo has date palm jaggery as an ingredient, which gives it a pleasing sweet taste and a melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture. It is absolutely worth trying. 

Haldi Nimbu Laddoo
This is one of the more quirky recipes from Laddooh. At first, you will wonder what the hell is a Haldi Nimbu laddoo. But take a bite or two and you’ll want more and more. The ingredients of this laddoo have antioxidant properties that cleanses you from within while satisfying your sweet cravings. 


Tapioca Kheer 
Made with tapioca pearls instead of the traditional ingredient, rice, this kheer has a texture which makes the experience of eating it fun and unique. It comes topped with blueberries and dry fruits to give it more texture and flavour. 

Gulkand Kheer 
This kheer has a rich flavour that will remind you of rose essence. It looks vibrant pink in colour and comes topped with chopped dry fruits. Gulkand kheer has a depth in flavour that is both refreshing and extraordinary.  


Chana Dal Halwa 
Made using roasted chana, ghee, and sweeteners like jaggery, this Halwa is a nutritious fix to your sweet cravings. It is warm, healthy, and full of loads of health benefits. It has a runny texture that feels heavenly good. Chana Dal Halwa tastes best when you eat it warm. You can order this healthy and yummy halwa online by ordering from Laddooh. 

Pista Halwa 
Pista Halwa is an extraordinary recipe, which is extremely delicious and nutritious. It is made using pistachios, ghee, and other nuts. The ingredients give the halwa a grainy texture which is so enjoyable to eat. It is the best healthy snack or dessert with high nutritional properties. Order fresh Pista Halwa from Laddooh. 

Multigrain Jaggery Halwa
Multigrain Jaggery Halwa is a hot seller at Laddooh. It is made using warm and healthy ingredients like multigrain flour, jaggery, and nuts. This is a great dessert for people who are conscious about their health and only want to consume the best of everything - be it dishes or desserts. 

Order Online From Laddooh

Browse through the whole menu of chef made sweets for gifts online at Laddooh. You can order for special occasions like weddings, parties, and even corporate events. The sweets and service from Laddooh will not disappoint you. By placing an order online, you will get your fresh, handcrafted box of assorted sweets delivered right to your doorstep. 

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