The Most Unique Indian Sweets in Delhi

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29 April, 2022

One of the best things that North India is known for is its delectable range of rich mithai. From Laddoos, to Halwas, Kheers and Burfis - sweets add more meaning to every celebration in India, especially weddings. In fact, sweets are a big part of Indian culture and tradition. A box of sweets is considered as a token of goodwill and joyfulness. The same is presented at North Indian weddings to reciprocate good wishes.
However, the way people share sweets with one another is changing with the evolving times. We’re no longer looking at the same old recipes of north Indian sweets for wedding gifts, people are instead experimenting with the sweets that they consume on such celebratory occasions. And the brand, Laddooh, has a premium range of heavenly good sweets for people who are open to trying out something new for their taste buds.
Here are some of the must-try sweets from Laddooh that you should definitely try:
24K Gold-Dusted Red Velvet Laddoo
Red Velvet Laddoo is a special recipe made with multigrains, which contribute to both flavour and nutritional value of the laddoo. To add an exceptional touch to it, the laddoo is dusted with authentic gold dust. This exclusive dessert is among the most exclusive sweets in Delhi, and so worth it for gifting purposes!
Petha Laddoo
This is one of the most experimental laddoo flavours ever. Our Petha laddoos are as tender in texture, and juicy as original Pethas. Our focus is on giving Petha laddoos the right texture, using ingredients like ‘mewa’ and a ton of dry fruits for some added deliciousness.


Nolen Gur Laddoo
Made with the famous Nolen Gur, which is a seasonal date palm jaggery only harvested in parts of West Bengal, our Nolen Gur laddoo wins hearts. Taste ‘Sondesh’ in laddoo form with every bite of this delightful treat. Let the melt-in-the-mouth texture of the Nolen Gur laddoo take you to the seventh heaven. This laddoo is only available during winters.
Classic Besan Laddoo
Classic Besan laddoo can never go wrong. It is our bestseller laddoo and is loved by our customers. There’s something about the satisfaction of indulging in this bestselling recipe. Whether it is the slow-cooking of besan which intensifies its flavours, or the other wholesome ingredients that give this sweet its flavour, we’re not sure exactly what it is about this laddoo that invokes a plethora of childhood memories. 

Sona Chandi Halwa
If you’re all about tasting majestic flavours, this Sona Chana Halwa recipe is for you. Made with the best quality Chana Dal cooked till golden, added with the goodness of milk and saffron, and topped with Silver Leaf, this halwa will impress you with its magnificence. The simple ingredients, when put together, and crafted by our expert chef, creates magical flavours.
Pista Halwa
Pistachio slow cooked gives a very dense flavour. And in this Pista Halwa, you will taste all the delicate yet intense flavour of this rich dry fruit. Other carefully selected ingredients are added to this preparation to give it more depth and flavour, and it is decorated with a silver leaf on top.
Multigrain Jaggery Halwa
The Multigrain Jaggery Halwa is a unique preparation made with the power of 9 different grains. The halwa is sweetened with organic jaggery. For some added extravagance, it is topped with authentic Silver leaf. 
Coconut Tapioca Kheer
Laddooh has a range of kheers, all of which come in amazing, one-of-its-kind flavours. In Coconut Tapioca Kheer, the tapioca pearls are added in creamy milk reduction, with a generous amount of coconut, which gives it trademark flavour. This recipe is prepared using coconut sugar, which is a healthy sugar alternative and gives the recipe a distinct taste. It is also gluten-free, healthy, and nutritious. 
Lavender Blueberry Tapioca Kheer
A splendid fusion dessert made with the essence of lavender, tapioca pearls, and fresh blueberries, the Lavender Blueberry Tapioca Kheer is a recipe to die for. It comes served in earthen pots, which adds to its authentic flavours. This recipe is completely gluten free and comes with the option of substituting regular sugar for stevia (upon request).
Gulkand Kheer
Gulkand Kheer is made using sweetened 100% authentic and top quality rose petal preserve. The gulkand used in this recipe is made using handpicked rose petals. The kheer made with the special ingredients gives off a cooling sensation and is the perfect dessert for summer. It also comes served in earthen pots, to keep it cool and fresh.
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Get the best chef made sweets in India at Laddooh. The handcrafted sweets come in a variety of flavours. From Laddoos to Kheers and Halwas - you will get every preparation made with the equal amounts of love, dedication, and using the bestest ingredients. Explore a whole new world of traditional Indian flavours in experimental sweets form by buying sweets from Laddooh.

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