5 Delicious Indian Sweets for Gifting at Wedding Ceremony

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29 January, 2022

The wedding season is just around the corner. This means you’ll soon be burdened with the responsibility of choosing the perfect traditional sweets for gifting your hosts (or guests). No need to worry about where to get the most impressive sweets from this wedding season! I will suggest to you some sweets that will strike the right chord with your guests. And if you’re up for some experimenting with traditional Indian sweets, Laddooh has a range of desserts expertly handcrafted to suit your premium gifting needs. 

Here are the top 5 delicious Indian sweets that we recommend for gifting during this wedding season:

Red Velvet Laddoo

This recipe by Laddooh isn’t your typical dessert recipe at all. The Red Velvet laddoo is every bit rich - in taste, look, and texture, like a good dessert should be. This laddoo is topped with 24K gold, which makes it appear lavish, and perfect for gifting. As far as the taste is concerned, it is simply delectable. If you’re looking for the perfect premium sweets and desserts to make for an unconventional gift, you should certainly get some boxes of this Red Velvet laddoo ordered.

Kaju Katli 

Kaju Katli is - hands down, the best of Indian traditional desserts! Who doesn’t get that nostalgia hit while biting on the perfectly bite-sized, diamond-shaped treats? Kaju Katli comes decorated with a silver leaf on top, which adds to its exquisite charm. A box of Kaju Katli, packed neatly in a box makes for the right gift, no matter the occasion. 


Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo

What do you expect a dessert which has ‘Gulab Pankhuri’ in its name to taste, look, and smell like? Creamy-rich, soothing pink, and fragrant, right? The Gulab Pankhuri laddoo by Laddooh is as lush as its name suggests. It has a delightful melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture and a rosy aroma that makes the experience of consuming it even more pleasurable. Order your box of handcrafted Gulab Pankhuri laddoos only from Laddooh. 

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is the type of dessert you’d willingly want to break your fitness goals for. As its name suggests, it is ‘shahi’ or ‘royal’ in taste and in look. The sweet involves crispy pieces of bread, deep-fried in pure ghee, dipped in a sweet sauce, and served hot alongside heavy rabri. The dessert is perfect to serve at weddings and is definitely a dish your guests would love to devour.  

Besan Laddoo

The classic Besan laddoo can never go wrong as a gift. Laddooh prepares handcrafted Besan laddoos with the best quality ingredients, including pure ghee, sugar substitutes such as jaggery, desi khaand, and maple syrup, and nicely roasted besan, of course. Besan laddoos are among the best-selling dessert items at Laddooh. Grab some boxes to surprise your loved ones with these deliciously simple bites of heaven. 


Your search for the best handcrafted Indian desserts ends at Laddooh. The homegrown brand has the most astonishing dessert recipes that each contain the essence of Indian traditional flavours. They also pack their orders in stunning boxes that are just perfect for gifting purposes. 

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