7 Unique Mithai to Gift Your Friends and Loved Ones

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28 January, 2022

Why serve the regular old sweets to your guests on special occasions when you can pick from Laddooh’s experimental range of handcrafted desserts to leave your guests in awe? Laddooh is a chef-owned brand, known for its strikingly impressive menu of traditional Indian desserts, which generally have a unique twist. As it is customary to hand a traditional sweets gift box to guests on festive or celebratory occasions in India, you should check out Laddooh’s curated premium sweet boxes to fulfill this requirement the next time it occurs.  

Here are some of the unique mithai from Laddooh that you can gift your friends and family: 

Gajar Halwa Laddoo

If you’re up for offering your guests some unforgettable quirky bites, this Gajar Halwa laddoo is something you should get your hands on. And if you’re wondering whether this recipe would be worth it or not, we’re here to tell you that Gajar Halwa tastes as good in laddoo form as it does otherwise! This laddoo is made with pure ingredients that add to your health and satisfy your sweet pangs. 

Nolen Gur Laddoo

Nolen Gur laddoos are seasonal delights that you should definitely try! We pick the best quality Nolen Gur to make this delectable recipe. Its soft texture crumbles into your mouth as soon as you take a bite. The taste of this laddoo will fill you up with nothing but ecstasy. We bet you’ll never get enough of just one Nolen Gur laddoo and would want more and more!


Mix Berries Laddoo

This laddoo has a fruity kick and a taste that is just perfect to refresh your senses. Made with a mix of fresh berries, this Mix Berries laddoo is the perfect extravagant treat to surprise your loved ones with. Expect a rich burst of flavours and a distinct texture when you take a bite of this scrumptious handcrafted dessert from Laddooh. 

Red Velvet Laddoo  

Our Red Velvet laddoo is made keeping the iconic Red Velvet cake in mind, but our chef gave the traditional Red Velvet recipe her own twist. This Red Velvet laddoo is among our premium recipes that comes topped with 24K gold. It is every bit lavish, distinct in look, taste, and aroma, and definitely worth trying. If you’re someone who wants to get the perfect luxury sweets for wedding gift box, this Red Velvet laddoo must be your preference. 

Petha Laddoo

Our Petha laddoo recipe will remind you of the infamous Agra ka Petha with its tender and juicy texture. It smells heavenly and tastes oh-so-good! Our Petha laddoos are the perfect bite-sized treats to binge on whenever your sweet tooth torments you. 

Haldi Nimbu Laddoo

If you’re more into keeping your health in check, this Haldi Nimbu laddoo will be your guilt-free pleasure. With ingredients like turmeric and lemon, this dessert is packed with nutritional benefits, and not just sweetness to satisfy your guilty sweet tooth. Indulge your guests in healthy treats with our yummy and quirky Haldi Nimbu laddoo

Bonus Dessert: Tapioca Kheer

Bored of the regular dessert items? We have a truly unique dessert recommendation for you. If you’re into experimental desserts, this Tapioca Kheer recipe from Laddooh is a must-try for you. Substituted with tapioca pearls instead of rice grains (which are a typical kheer ingredient), this kheer will indulge you in its smooth, rich taste. It comes topped with fresh blueberries, dry fruits, and other ingredients. 

Choose Laddooh for handcrafted Indian desserts, each of which are made with the best ingredients, while always keeping the quality and hygiene in check. 


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