A Besan Laddoo from Laddooh by Chef Sugandha Saxena A Must Have Luxurious Delight

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14 June, 2022

Do you remember the first time you had a besan laddoo, the sweet round ball of happiness? You most probably had it during Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or during your summer vacations when you visited your Nani's house. 

Remember how she used to sit and roast besan in pure ghee, crushed sugar, and some dry fruits and then mould it in a perfectly round shape while you struggled to keep it together? Don’t you still remember the aroma of the roasted besan? Everyone would ask for one more after finishing their share while the box was kept on top so no one could reach it easily. Isn’t that why it became your favourite sweet? Some good old days those were. 

A besan laddoo was a celebration in itself, all the while being a temptation! And now that we are adults, we can trade anything to revisit those days, relive those memories and taste the same besan laddoo again. Even if just one! 

For us Indians, laddoos are a delicacy and a part of every event, little or big. From the result day to the wedding or any pooja, no merrymaking is complete without a laddoo. And we all have our specialized tastes. A laddoo from a special place with a taste you can't find anywhere else. The market is not as same as before, leaving us craving that same old taste. 

But things have changed! What if we tell you that you can still have that same laddoo, and yet you can't find that taste anywhere else but here only? Yes, at Laddooh, we bring you the taste of your childhood, sweet memories and a besan laddoo with a twist that will make you want more! 

Why Have a Besan Laddoo from Laddooh? 

For Indians, any auspicious event without sweets is incomplete; be it any wedding event, pooja ceremony or good news to celebrate, a besan laddoo is a must-have! The OG besan laddoo is Laddooh’s bestseller. So if you are someone with a sweet tooth that is not satiated by the regular dessert but besan laddoo only, it's high time you indulge in the luxuriousness we provide here. But why us? You must be wondering what makes us so special that you will never forget our laddoos, right? Let us indulge you in our secret recipe! 

Laddooh's besan laddoo is prepared in Chef Sugandha's cloud kitchen by her hands, which makes the taste so personalized. Made with assorted ingredients, the day-long process of making besan laddoos is filled with love, care, and a lot of dry fruits. 

The besan is pure and has a smooth-grainy texture as it naturally should. The besan is roasted at a low flame to enhance the taste and texture. Though this takes a lot of time, the process makes the end product worth the hard work. 

Once the besan changes colour and starts sticking, it is taken off the flame and cooled. Upon reaching the required temperature, the besan is mixed with organic sugar, gir ghee and dry fruits. The mixture is then moulded into a round shape. 

This hours-long preparation gives the besan laddoo an amazing texture, and once it reaches your mouth, it melts and fills you with memories and gives your tastebuds the heavenly feel they deserve. 


We are everyone's favourite! 

This is not just a claim but a fact. The premium delicacy prepared by Chef Sugandha is not only our favourite! The B-Town loves the besan laddoo too! From a Diwali party to a grand celebration witnessing our favourite Bollywood actors and actresses, laddoos from Laddooh are everywhere, and that is because of the healthy and tasteful besan laddoos. Who doesn't want to indulge in sweetness once in a while? For these stars, being in shape and staying fit is a must and our besan laddoo is perfect for those sweet cravings.

Why Laddooh? 

There is nothing like besan laddoo, and we agree with you! We are a true temptation to have. Your love for the laddoo resonates with us, and we strive to satiate your sweet tooth and that of your loved ones. 

As a chef-owned brand, we only provide selected varieties on our menu. If you have a keen eye for all the finesse in life, you will fall in love with our desserts and sweets such as laddoos, halwa and kheer. We believe that the more, the merrier, especially regarding besan laddoos.

Laddoos by Chef Sugandha is a premium brand that is the one-stop choice for every sweet lover who wants to try something unique that can't be found anywhere else. From preparing sweets and desserts to packing in beautiful boxes that bring a smile to anyone's face, Laddooh is not a brand you can easily forget once you get a taste of it. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your box of assorted besan laddoos from Laddooh today and relive your cherished memories of yesteryears while having a taste of heaven!

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