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31 March, 2022

For Chef-Entrepreneur Sugandha Saxena, life as a dessert chef is joyously sweet. Turning her passion for traditional Indian sweets into her experimental brand, Laddooh, Ms. Saxena is making headlines selling unique mithai with the most unique flavours. The recipes at Laddooh are unlike any other in the Indian sweets market. They are handcrafted with a lot of love, the most wholesome ingredients, and an innate passion for cooking desserts.

Laddooh exclusively caters to the luxury wedding and corporate market in India and only sells handcrafted laddoos, kheers, and halwas, the recipes for which the master chef has brainstormed herself. The brand has already got recognition and even patronage from his highness, Raja Manvendra Singh Gohil. Laddooh’s range of palatable sweets are enough to make one dive into the depths of nostalgia, realising flavours that one might have tasted in their childhood. 

For the luxury wedding market, the chef has a special range of laddoos dedicated to the themes of traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, such as:

●    Haldi Nimbu laddoo for the Haldi ceremony
●    Gulab Pankhuri laddoo for the Sangeet Ceremony
●    Pista Cashew laddoo for the Mehendi Ceremony
●    24K Gold-Dust topped Red Velvet laddoo for Grand Wedding Ceremony

While the wedding-themed laddoos are loved by one and all, some other amazing laddoo flavours that the brand sells include the following:

●    Classic (and their bestseller!) Besan laddoo
●    Petha laddoo
●    Mix Berries laddoo
●    The fancy Gajar Halwa laddoo
●    Nolen Gur laddoo. 


The customer-centric brand allows the customers the option of personalising the recipes based on their dietary preference. For example, if you are someone who doesn’t consume sugar, you can request the brand to put natural sugar alternatives such as desi khaand, maple syrup, or jaggery in the recipe. Similarly, for people who only consume vegan and gluten-free food products, Laddooh offers some dessert options specifically for them. At Laddooh, the customer experience is valued and put at the fore, before everything else. This is why they create recipes and deliver them to your doorstep, guaranteeing 100% safety and hygiene. 

Laddooh is one of the top brands if you want chef made sweets in India. The chef’s inspiration behind the brand was bringing traditional Indian flavours to the forefront again and making them customisable so that everyone could share the joy of tasting Indian desserts. At the same time, the chef has been quirking up the traditional laddoo recipes to create extravagant culinary pieces such as Haldi Nimbu laddoo, Mix Berries laddoo, and more. 

Besides laddoos, the brand serve Kheers and Halwas, including the following - 

●    Tapioca Kheer - Made with Tapioca pearls instead of the regular kheer ingredient, rice, this kheer has a unique texture to it. The chef used boba to create a kheer recipe this delicious. It is topped with the best quality blueberries and dry fruits to give it more flavour. 

●    Gulkand Kheer - Fresh rose essence flavour in chilled kheer? It’s a big yes. The Gulkand Kheer carries the essence of the rose in form and in flavour. It is bright pink in colour, comes topped with fresh rose petals, and tastes simply amazing. 

●    Chana Dal Halwa - The Chana Dal Halwa from Laddooh is one of the most healthy recipes made using gram flour, desi ghee, and sugar or natural sugar substitutes. It is extremely nutritious and just perfect for dessert time. 

●    Pista Halwa - This is a warm recipe that will be best enjoyed when served hot. Pista Halwa has a grainy texture and contains loads of best quality pistachios, which add a unique taste to this halwa. 

●    Multigrain Jaggery Halwa - The Multigrain Jaggery Halwa is a hot seller at Laddooh. This quirky recipe is absolutely scrumptious and contains a whole lot of nutritious goodness. 

Welcome Nostalgia in Wholesome Flavours

If you have been looking for the best chef made sweets in India, this is your cue to shop from Laddooh. Your sweets will reach you packed in premium quality boxes, which make the sweets perfect for gifting. Make sure you allow yourself the experience of tasting these delectable handcrafted desserts. Every bite will be a burst of flavours in your mouth, and you will only want more and more of these wholesome, bite-sized treats. Order your Indian desserts online from Laddooh.

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