The Humble Besan Laddoo Gets A Gourmet Makeover At Laddooh. Know the Deets

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28 June, 2022

Besan laddoo, a heritage Indian dessert, familiar to the country’s households is more than just a humble sweet course. The lustrous and flavorsome sweet golden balls are jam-packed with nostalgia and memories. Would you agree any less? Right from a humble religious affair to a pompous wedding arrangement or a delightful festival, no celebration is ever complete without the rich and sumptuous besan laddoos on a pass. 

Don’t you remember loitering around your grandma watching her mask her hands in ghee (clarified butter) and gently rolling the laddoo mix in between her palms? The flavors and the nostalgia are both unparalleled. Did you realize that the stories and memories around the delicious besan laddoos are quite deep-rooted in most Indian kitchens? Think about it - didn’t you always reach out for the vessel neatly stacked with the fragrant and tasty laddoos every time you were craving one? Drizzles or the colds kicking in, the delicious handmade besan laddoos were always a favorite regardless of the season. Finishing off meals on a sweet note never tasted better if it wasn’t for the decadent besan laddoos. 

Do you love savoring the tasty and indulgent laddoos? The soft, friable texture, rich aroma, and the sweetness of the decadent besan laddoos - does it fill your heart with joy, reminiscing the beautiful childhood memories? Well, the appetizing and moreish besan laddoos by ‘Laddooh,’ a brand, owned and run by celebrity chef Sugandha Saxena, is truly worth a try.

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The Laddooh dessert for the wins

It is no secret that markets today are brimming with fancy and innovative desserts with a touch of western influence. Sadly, the flavors and opulence of rich heritage Indian desserts are dwindling. Although the market-made besan laddoos are up for grabs, the delectable flavors of the sweet are a big miss. Don’t you crave biting into the sweet and melt-in-the-mouth laddoos, in their true flavors just like the laddoos you have savored in your childhood? Check out ‘Laddooh’ if your answer is a big yes. 

Chef Sugandha steps up as a culinary genius in shining armor, doing her absolute best to upkeep the flavors and decadence of traditional classic desserts. The besan laddoo is certainly her most prized creation. Prepared using the finest organic ingredients, Chef Sugandha knocks up delicious besan laddoos that will blow your mind and leave you longing for more. 

Many are of the idea that putting together a tasty laddoo is a piece of pie. After all, the recipe calls for a handful of ingredients and is quite forgiving. Not true really! Rustling up the sweet round balls or the dessert is a tedious day-long process that needs one to keep an eye on a bunch of different things. Right from keeping tabs on the quality of the ingredients in play to the temperature of the mix, making besan laddoos is no less than an artsy craft. Chef Sugandha Saxena specializes in the craft and kneads the most scrumptious, rich, and mouth-watering laddoos in the country today. Pretty much explains how the besan laddoos by ‘Laddooh’ have hit the tables of famous B-town celebrities and eminent socialites. Did you know that her gourmet creation has been admired by the elite royalty Raja Manvendra Singh Gohil? 

Get your curated box of mouth-watering sweet-afters from Laddooh

Why wait longer to savor the rich delicious flavors of the time-honored dessert or besan laddoo? Place your orders with ‘Laddooh’ and relish the fine tastes of gourmet besan laddoos, handcrafted with finesse by ace culinary expert Sugandha Saxena. 

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