Top 3 Unconventional Delicious & Healthy Halwas You Cannot Afford to Miss This Winter

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17 January, 2022

Halwa is the quintessential traditional Indian festive cuisine. In Northern India, you just cannot do without some or the other type of halwa, especially during festive or special occasions. Each time I reminisce about my childhood, I stumble upon the beautiful memory of my naniji or dadiji cooking fresh, hot halwa on a cold winter’s morning to give me and my siblings a special sweet treat. And on every special occasion - be it someone’s wedding ceremony, or festival like Diwali, or Holi, there’s no way that I don’t think of cooking halwa myself. 

But what’s the fun in eating the same, regular halwa all the time, right? Even a traditional recipe like halwa deserves some quirky experiments. So, Laddooh presents some unconventional halwa recipes that will certainly get you drooling even before you try them. Check out some of Laddooh’s exclusive and scrumptious halwas below  - 

3 Best Halwa Recipes You Should Try This Winter

Don’t settle for regular sooji halwa every time you crave something sweet. Here are some halwas you can try this winter instead - 


Chana Dal Halwa

This recipe infuses with the nutritional goodness of Chana Dal and incorporates the taste-enhancing ingredient widely used in the making of Indian desserts, cardamom. This halwa is a product of a labour of love, attained by using slow-roasted chana dal, lots of desi ghee, and shakkar.

If you have never tasted chana dal halwa before, you’re missing out on something extremely delectable. Order fresh Chana Dal Halwa from Laddooh, and you’ll get it made with the purest ingredients that make its texture smooth, aroma tempting, and taste heavenly good. It comes topped with dry fruits, so you can expect to get a nutritional boost from this halwa too. 

Pista Halwa

You’d probably have never eaten anything as rich as this Pista Halwa before! Made with the best quality pista and ghee, this halwa will fill you up with heaps of nutritional goodness. The distinct green color of this halwa, with silver leaves and nuts on top, makes it look so appetizing. Its taste tingles the senses and leaves an unforgettable taste on your palate. The pistas and other ingredients in this halwa make it deeply aromatic. Get this halwa freshly delivered to your home to ravish it on a dull winter’s day by ordering it on Laddooh. 

Multigrain Halwa 

Okay, we can bet that this halwa is unlike any other halwa. Our Multigrain Halwa comes with nine different grains that add so much goodness to your health. It is not a conventional halwa recipe, for sure, but it is definitely worth trying for its nutritional value and taste. The halwa is made using desi ghee, and jaggery. All these ingredients are known for being extremely healthy. Then, the halwa is also topped off with dry fruits that add some texture to it. It is made with the best of ingredients and will make you fall in love with it! Order multigrain halwa today from Laddooh. 

Our exclusive Halwa recipes will take the dullness and boredom away from your life during winters. We, at Laddooh, strive to make simple traditional Indian cuisine popular again by adding our own twist to age-old recipes. And these unconventional halwa recipes will surely fill you up with warmth and utmost satisfaction. 

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