5 Exclusive Indian Dessert Recipes that Make Winters Extra Special

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29 December, 2021

Winter is that time of the year when things appear just a little out of life. During such a time, hot, tasty food and some company can be a great comfort. What more can you ask for during cold winter days, after all? Eat as many chocolates or drink as much hot chocolate as you want, you just cannot beat the craving for traditional Indian mithai. And to help you beat that winter dread, I have some exclusive Indian dessert recipes that would set your mood just right even on the coldest winter days. 

Check out these Indian desserts that make winter extra special - 

1.    Imarti

Imartis are the juicer and crunchier version of Jalebi. They are also milder in flavour and are consumed with warm milk. Although this sweet dish is not a winter-only dish, its taste somehow feels perfect on a cold, dark winter’s day. Imartis are fun to eat and come in a spiral shape. It can be really fun to cook this amazing winter sweet dish. If you’re up for spending some heartwarming time with your loved one on a quiet winter’s day, try making hot Imartis with them!

2.    Gajar ka Halwa 

This is one Indian sweet dish that is famous for its taste and texture. Made using carrots, mawa, and lots of dry fruits, Gajar ka Halwa is a popular serving in Indian weddings as well. Winters are just incomplete without this sweet dish. It is comfort food for many people during the cold, harsh winters in northern parts of India. Gajar ka Halwa is all but it is not all that easy to make. And for those who are a tad bit lazy to cook themselves during winters, you can order Gajar Halwa laddoos from Laddooh! I bet the heavenly good taste will not disappoint you. 

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3.    Nolen Gur laddoo 

Nolen Gur is date palm jaggery, which is extracted from date palm trees during the winter season. It is generally used to make Sandesh (a type of Bengali sweet) but at Laddooh, you can get soft, delicious, exquisite Nolen Gur laddoos, handcrafted with the best and pure ingredients. These laddoos will definitely invoke nostalgia as you eat them sitting on the couch on a cold winter’s day. Nolen Gur laddoos are also available at Laddooh, where they are handcrafted with love and wholesome ingredients. Our chef takes extra care to craft the laddoos with only the best of ingredients, and to give her creations the best taste and texture possible to delight the consumer with her culinary excellence.   

4.    Til ke Laddoo

Til is an ingredient which is said to have healing powers and warming effects on the body. They are basically roasted sesame seeds, which are mixed with other ingredients and rolled into small laddoos. They are extremely nutritious and warm, and are recommended by every dada-dadi or nana-nani in the Indian households as a remedy for ills. Til laddoos are a common recipe during winters that are eaten to boost immunity and healing effects from diseases or injuries. They are as tasty as they are healthy, and you’ll always want more after eating one. 

5.    Malpua 

Malpua is a slightly sweet, heavily aromatic traditional Indian sweet dish. It has a soft texture that is slightly crispy towards the edges. Its texture resembles that of a pancake - cooked & lightly crispy from the outside, very fluffy and soft from the inside. The batter of the Malpua is generally made using wheat flour, to which flavours like cardamom are added to give it more taste. It is a quick-to-make Indian sweet dish that can be eaten any time of the day on its own or with Rabri. 

So, these were some of my exclusive Indian dessert recommendations for the winters. Make sure you try them all, one at a time, during the long, cold winter months. And in case you feel like ordering handcrafted recipes, Laddooh is always there to fulfill your sweet cravings. 

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