Top 10 Healthy & Warm Indian Sweets to Try this Winter

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28 December, 2021

There’s no better time to curl up in the warmth of the couch with a plate of sweets than the winter months! Winter is all about enjoying your favourite food, sitting with your favourite people. Halwas, laddoos, and gajjaks make it to the top of my winter-favourite food to binge on. And if you are looking for some delicious recipes to keep you sufficiently warm and healthy this winter, I have just the right Indian sweets recommendations for you. 

Here are my top 10 winter favourites - Indian sweets edition, that you should also try cooking or bingeing on this winter. 

My Top 13 Winter Favourites - Indian Sweets Edition

1.    Gajar Halwa Laddoo (Available at Laddooh)

At first, this quirky mashup of Gajar Halwa X Laddoo might seem insane but believe me, it is worth giving a shot! This recipe will blow over people who love experimental food with its taste and texture. The brand Laddooh serves handcrafted Gajar Halwa laddoos - which are not just laddoos in Gajar Halwa form but much more. This recipe contains the essence of the stereotypical aroma that emanates from every Indian household during the winter months. With dry fruits, nuts, and other wholesome ingredients, this recipe becomes more worth it than ever! 

2.    Panjiri

Panjiri is a special warm traditional Indian sweet made from wheat flour, lots of ghee, and nutritious dry fruits. It is generally made and served fresh but can be made into small burfis and stored away in an air-tight box for weeks! Eat it alongside a warm glass of milk to enjoy its true flavours. 

3.    Gond ke Laddoo

Gond laddoo is known for its nutritional benefits and is eaten widely across the country by pregnant women, or new mothers who need that extra nutrition. Warm and full of nutrition, these laddoos are tasty and healthy. They can be a bit heavy but their taste is irresistible. 

4.    Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat is chaat is an exclusive winter delicacy found in the busy markets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi. This sweet chaat melts in the mouth because of its smooth texture derived from wholesome ingredients like malai and makhan. As this chaat is only available in the winter months, you must visit Delhi to try this amazing delicacy. 

5.    Classic Besan Laddoo (Available at Laddooh)

Besan laddoo is a staple Indian sweet, generally given as an offering (prasad) in Hindu temples. Roasted besan (gram flour), mixed with ghee, added with optional chopped-up dry fruits, is then rolled into small spheres while still hot. And that’s how hot besan laddoos are made. Besan laddoos are our specialty at Laddooh. They are the favourites of our customers and are our bestsellers. Get your own box today!

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6.    Moong Dal Halwa 

There’s nothing better than homecooked, moong dal halwa, served hot on a chilly winter weekend. This sweet recipe is common at shaadis and its aroma lures everybody into trying this dish. This dish contains a lot of desi ghee, which adds to the runny texture and rich taste of the halwa.


7.    Chana Dal Halwa (Available at Laddooh)

Chana dal halwa is made using slow-roasted chana, ghee, and natural sweeteners like sugar or jaggery. Chana dal is a nutritious pulse, widely eaten with chapati or chawal. This dal tastes equally good in the form of halwa. Make this halwa at home to enjoy a warm, sweet winter dish. And if you don’t want to make this dish on your own, you can order fresh, nutritious, and healthy Chana Dal Halwa from Laddooh. 

8.    Gajjak 

Gajjak has a distinct taste associated strictly with the winter season in India. They come in the form of bars or in circular shapes. Gajjaks are extremely crunchy and contain roasted peanuts, and some cardamom to give it flavour and aroma. Jaggery and peanuts are the main ingredients in this amazingly sweet and crunchy winter sweet. 

9.    Coconut Burfi 

Coconut burfi is not typically a winter sweet but is extremely nutritious with all the healthy ingredients that go in it, and is consumed during winter months to beat the cold. Many other dry fruits and nuts are also mixed with the burfi to give it a slightly crunchy texture 

10.    Nolen Gur Ladooo (Available at Laddooh)

Nolen Gur is only extracted during the winter months from the date palm trees in West Bengal. It has a great aroma and a deliciously sweet taste. Get handcrafted Nolen Gur laddoos to cheer you up during cold winter mornings only from Laddooh. The laddoos are enriched with powerful nutrients and a taste you cannot get enough of. 

11.    Pista Halwa (Available at Laddooh)

Ever heard of Pista Halwa? It is a recipe that will leave you lip-smacking. Made using pistachios, ghee, and other nuts, this halwa is extremely tasty and nutritious. While the halwa in itself is smooth, the pistas, and nuts give it a slightly grainy texture. Get this halwa delivered fresh from Laddooh.  

12.    Revadi 

Revadi is made with the infamous ingredient that holds amazing nutritional properties - til. This sweet bar of warm goodness comes with has a crunchy texture, lots of organic sweetness, and a distinct, lingering aroma. 

13.    Multigrain Jaggery (Available at Laddooh)

Multigrain Jaggery is a nutritious snack that you can binge on during the winter months. Made using multigrain flour, a generous amount of jaggery, and nuts (optional), this snack will keep you warm, satisfied, and feeling happy. Get the best quality multigrain jaggery only from Laddooh. 

Try these Indian sweets this winter to forget about the winter blues, and ascend into the haven of scrumptious flavours, and wholesome warmth. With the amazing, experimental recipes at Laddooh, you can also give a blissful twist to your regular dinner-time desserts with exotic flavours. 

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